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Hi everyone and welcome to Be the Blessing Wellness! I’m James from New Jersey,right outside of NYC! I am raising a young man that as we speak is almost nine. I grew up learning from the school of hard knocks! Through my journey i have either met or encountered some amazing people. Self improvement was instilled in me by an old friend and i have been addicted ever since. He expressed his joy in helping other people find success and a better way of life! I now want to give back some knowledge that was passed on to me and have some fun along the way!

James Founder of Be the Blessing Wellness

My Mission

With so much in life these days to be negative about i feel an urgency to boost people up! Am i qualified? I don’t know yet! One thing i know is that i have been down and always have gotten back up! Sometimes it was my own strength, sometimes someone else boosted me up and sometimes my faith did it!

I know that everyone has things they would like to change and i also know how difficult it can be to do alone! Here at Be the Blessing Wellness we will be providing advice, life experiences, real accountability groups and some motivation! I believe that passing on knowledge once you acquire it is what we are called to do! It is an awesome feeling when you take knowledge you gained to accomplish something! But there is something special when you reach back and help someone else!

There are many ways that we can be a blessing to others. Many feel it is just money related. I am dedicated to being a blessing to others because i feel we all are the blessing! Giving a stranger a high five and just saying a nice thing can be enough to pick them up! Telling a youngster they are amazing because the don’t hear it is often another one my favorites! I believe wellness is physical, mental, and spiritual!

Some topics here at Be the Blessing Wellness will be diet, exercise, meditation, breaking bad habits and much more! I am on a personal journey myself. I look forward to giving updates on my progress and sharing many experiences with you! I pray my content encourages, motivates, inspires or educates you! If it helps one person it is all worth it! Let’s make it happen!

Why Me?

Although i am not certified with fancy certificates and i have no special skills ! I do have real experiences and knowledge of bettering ourselves. I have realized to by educating yourself on something and never giving up, you can accomplish things you thought impossible. I love bettering myself and attempt to every day! I am human though and some days are harder than others! I want to connect with people because doing stuff alone can be tough. Not only do i want to help you but am positive i will learn a lot from the community as well! So let’s all Be The Blessing and Make it Happen!

f you ever have questions or comments never hesitate!

You’re Amazing!!!!!!!!!

All the best,




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