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Many things happen in our day that can control how it turns out. Is there a way to ensure my day turns out awesome? I believe so! For many years I would wake up in a grumpy mood after hitting the snooze button 100 times, battle through the day letting everything control me. I knew there had to be a better way. Through research, I found that how you start your day usually determines how your day ends up. So how to start my day ?  An awesome program is one called Morning Ritual Mastery by Stephan Pylatinos!  Check it out here.  I would like to share some things that I do and what works for me! Somedays I do all of them and some I do some. When I combine all, my days turn out exceptional. When I do just some, my days are good. But when I don’t do any, dum di dum dum. No bueno lol! My day controls me and pulls me wherever it wants. I made a checklist of must dos and I now follow that. Somethings I do the same time every day and some I mix up when I do them. I am now on a 30-day challenge with myself to demonstrate self-discipline and consistency.

No more snoozing

Early bird gets the worm

How to start my day? First off you need to get up early. Something happens when you get things accomplished while most of the world is still sleeping. Now I’m not saying deprive yourself of sleep. I still get about 7 hours. You know your schedule better than me. I suggest trying to get to bed a little earlier If you are accomplishing things til late then that’s great. but I know i used to stay up super late doing nothing in particular. Binge watching law and order lol, watching a meaningless basketball game or just not being productive at all. Going to bed at 11pm is I feel doable and waking by 6am. That’s 7 hours! So rise and shine! And for all you snoozers, avoid hitting that button. As my research and experience show that you are more tired when you get up after hitting snooze. I usually get up once I first realize awake. That’s your body telling you I am good!

Take a moment

Now taking a moment doesn’t mean going back to bed. I am suggesting taking a moment for a little gratitude. Say thank you for another day and better yet thank you that im going to have another awesome day! Saying thank you in advance is something I do a lot. Its super powerful. Feel grateful and visualize for a moment how you want your day to go. This will get your mind, body and spirit in the right place of the bat. You can do this right in bed. I like keeping a pillow on the floor by my bed so I have to get on my knees first thing. Its powerful I promise. And once you are out of bed the chances you’ll go back in are slim.

Make the bed        Makr-your-bed

Yep you heard it right! Although it may seem minimal to some, making your bed once you get up is very powerful. You now let your mind start with discipline and an accomplishment first thing in the morning. There is a reason why the military makes there bed perfect every morning. If you want to be disciplined throughout your day, when better to start than when you rise!

Get moving

Morning jog

Getting your blood going early on gets you in a powerful state. You can do a full workout early but most times just a nice jog or walk is how I love to start. I usually workout later in my day as well. Using this time for prayer, affirmations or just focused breathing is amazing. I also recommend listening to something positive during this time as well. Something Motivational, spiritual or inspiring works for me. Just get your body moving. You know your schedule and time frame. Getting it done is key! So take just ten minutes early to get your juices flowing and now we have a great start to the day!

Just be



Another amazing thing to do in the morning is meditation. It is a practice so doing it often is suggested! Start small with 5 minutes and gradually work your time up. With all the craziness in our world and every day lives, calming your mind and just learning to Be I feel is extremely important. It will seem tough at first as your mind will naturally want to wander. It’s OK! With practice like anything you will get better and it will become easier. You will soon notice that you can control your thoughts better and your focus. I first noticed the difference when I was watching a movie. Usually my mind would wander and I would miss some scenes. This time I was deeply into every detail and could explain the whole movie. Needless to say I was super impressed and sold on the whole meditation thing. There are a million different meditation videos on YouTube that I listen to daily. Just search whatever type of meditation you are looking for. Also, apps like Calm and Head space are awesome as well. Calming yourself early in the day sets your mind in the right direction. You will also notice you are more in control of you temper and patience! So be calm and meditate on!

Read something

Now when I say read something I’m not talking about emails or the newspaper. We are trying to get our mind in the right place before we get bombarded with all the negativity. I am suggesting to read something positive! I love self-help books as they tend to get me in a positive mood. Although many emphasize the same principles, sometimes hearing someone elses perspective or experience can be all the difference. Also, the Bible is a go to for me in the morning although I usually save that for before bed. Thirty minutes or even ten pages of something motivating, inspiring, educational and positive is one of the best habits to attain. It puts you in a good frame of mind and learning new things gives you another sense of accomplishment. So let’s get our read on!

Write it down

Journaling I have found to be very rewarding. It’s amazing to see what comes out once you get going. Sometimes writing your thoughts out releases some negativity and a great way to get things off your mind. A lot of times I come up with some amazing ideas while journaling! If I hadn’t written them out they most likely would have been forgotten. When journaling, start with ten minutes of just writing whatever pops in your head. You will be amazed at how you will more than likely write past the 10 minutes. You may also feel some stress, anxieties and tension released and that is never bad. So put it on paper. Happy journaling!

I feel good

So these are just something I like to do to take control of the day. There will always be ups and downs in your day but implementing these habits into your daily routine will give you the power to handle the better. Remember consistency is the key to developing a habit. I suggest making a checklist of things you want to make sure you do daily, These are just some things I do before I do anything else. Check back for list of things you can do throughout the day and at night to feel good! Feel free to leave a comment or question I look forward to hearing from you! Say your prayers, eat your wheaties and remember to Be the Blessing! 

All the Best

Stay Amazing!!


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  1. I love this, super powerful, most know it is true and don’t do it. Do not get up and get ready for the day and setting expectations is like suicide!! Have you read the “Morning Miracle” (S.A.V.E.R.S)

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