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What’s up all! James here! I know tons of people who smoke cigarettes and would love to quit! I once was one of those people. I was addicted for about 25 years! After many many many failed attempts, I am now almost 2 years nicotine free. July 25th, 2018 I had my last puff (at 3:26 pm)! There are times I have to remind myself I even smoked. Had I just used willpower, I would be miserable all the time! Willpower runs out! I want to pass on some methods that helped me to quit smoking for good! It sure is possible and I believe that everyone is capable of quitting! I hope at least one person finds my methods useful. This is not a cure but I will be posting more on the topic because I know the struggle is real! Hope you enjoy as this is my first ever blog. Just know your Amazing and once again that it is possible!

I Want to quit!

As silly as it may sound that is the best start to any method of quitting anything! First you must want to quit! You will never be motivated to follow all the methods without first saying ” I want to quit smoking for good”. I know it can sound scary at first but it’s a process! There is no need to panic! Your boy James is going to lay out your method for you. But first say it now! ” I want to quit”!

I Can Quit!

Now this part of my method is where we believe we can quit. This unfortunately took some time for me personally! Just being real! After failed attempts to quit smoking, you kind of get really discouraged and tend to smoke more than before. In final quit attempt I started reading blogs on peoples glory stories. With so much info on the internet now it’s easy to find people who have quit and read their stories! I am one of those people to tell you ” It’s  possible”! I am no better than you or anyone else! I just now know smoking for what it is and want to help anyone I can to get out of the trap. So now I need you to say ” I can quit smoking”! Just these first two steps in my method are very powerful.

Knowledge is Key!

Ok so now we want to quit and also believe we can! Now that’s a good start and motivator. I get it! What we have to do now is take action and educate ourselves. I like to think that once you learn the trick behind something, it’s pretty easy to solve. You are going to want to learn everything you can. Educate yourself on the addiction itself. The more you learn about why you smoke and someone of the many misconceptions, the more you take the SEXINESS away from the addiction as I like to say. Once it’s not attractive to you anymore you will not want to go back it! So I beg you to do some research. There are many websites and blogs out their! I don’t know which ones specifically I read but it was a lot. I pray that my blog will be just as helpful. Just google search and you can find. Also, many books are available on quit smoking methods. Allen Carr’s The Easy Way to Quit Smoking and Tamir Turgal”s the Smokefree Way not only educated me but puts your mind in the frame to want to quit. Absolutely amazing books. They train your subconscious mind.

It’s Ok!

Thomas Edison failed at making the light bulb 10,000 times before he got it! I am not saying it took 10,000 ways to quit smoking but you get it! It’s all about getting back up! Give yourself a hug and say nice try! As long as you learn from each failed attempt and do your best to avoid that mistake next time, You’re good. They say NOPE! (not one puff ever). I learned that on a previous attempt to quit and didn’t make the mistake again. Another mistake I made on a previous attempt to quit is hanging around other smokers early in quit. Although this time I quit I went to the bar the first day I quit but my perspective had changed because I educated myself! I learned! Just never promise to give up if you do smoke! The more you learn and observe other smokers, the quicker you take the sexiness away!

Say Thank You!

Now I wish I would have implemented this into my method earlier! I feel it was the most powerful! I beg you to try for yourself and be the judge. What I am talking about is saying thank you in advance! Now I thanked my boy Jesus for freeing me of my nicotine addiction after every puff. You can thank whatever your higher power is. Not getting into that lol. Like I said from day one of this quit I never felt an urge to smoke! I believe something very powerful happen when you show gratitude and faith! That is what happens when you say thank you in advance for being free! So take a big puff now and say “thank you”!

You Got This

Happy to be nicotine free!!!

Now I want to say thank you for reading my first ever blog. I plan to be writing a lot more. I Pray you enjoyed it and even if you take one idea I feel I did my part. If you have any questions or need a friend, Your boy James got you! And YOU Got This! Remember Want, Believe, Research, Learn from mistakes, Never Give Up and Say Thank You! I am pulling for everyone stuck in this trap to solve the riddle! I am here for you, YOU’RE AMAZING again! Stay positive and remember to Be the Blessing! Pass on any knowledge you gain and use!

Your Boy,


Founder of Be The Blessing Wellness


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