Random acts of kindness stories – We can all be the blessing

In todays crazy world there is alot of negativity.  I had to stop watching the news everyday because it became so depressing.   All we see is violence, robberies, natural disasters, mass shootings, police brutality, and now a new deadly virus affecting the entire world.  I truely feel we are being tested as a society by our higher power ( whom ever that is to you).   We were not created  to fight with each other and hate each other.  Every day is a day that we get the chance to be a blessing to some one.  I would like to share with you  random acts of kindness stories that i either did myself or that i witnessed.  I like to call them blessings because they really are that.    Although seeing acts of kindness warms the heart.  Being the one performing the act of kindness is a whole different feeling!   There is something about helping others and putting a smile on someones face that is absolutely amazing.   Its Gods purpose for us to be the blessing in anyway we can.  There are many ways we can do this and some are very easy to do.  You just never know when something you think you did is minimal affects someone else tremendously in a positive way.  I know i have been blessed many times and i bet more than half of them the person had know idea they blessed me.  So i hope you enjoy these random acts of kindness stories!

Need a pillow

So this is a pretty cool story as it involves my son and I.  I had been out of work for a couple months and was barely getting by.  Picking up bartending and serving shifts here and there.  It was a sunday and my son had come to my house.  We needed to get groceries so off to Wally World we go.  Now everyone knows you do just go to Walmart to get what you need to get lol!  My son wants a wresting belt so i splurge.  I see pillows and say “hey we need a new one”!  My son replies save your money dad.  Still wanted his belt though lol.  When we get home we realize we didnt get any drinks so we walk to corner store.  On our way back home we see a lady with a grocery cart full of what seemed to be her belongings.  I dont assume!  It was a pretty cold night for Florida and this lady was attempting to lay on a bench to what looked like sleep.  My son and I confronted her and asked if she was ok.  She just informed us that she was cold, tired and hungry but was ok.  Didn’t sound ok to us so i winked at my son and we headed home.  Being my son,  i assumed he knew what dad was going to do.  Now, had my son not been there i may have offered my couch.  Some call me weird but i love helping out.  I go and grab peanut butter and a loaf of bread and put it in a bag.  My son of course had to pack her snacks and bottled water.  We probably threw other stuff in bag too  but I don’t recall.  As i am going to get another bag to double bag it, my boy comes out of my room with my pillow.  How ironic!  Then we walk down bless the poor lady, share some stories and words of encouragement.  On our way back home my son says “that was cool dad”!   “We should do that again”!  And we do!  Any chance i get to share random acts of kindness stories with him I do or better yet show him.

Me, my son and homeless lady
Poor homeless lady and her shopping cart
My son James With bags

What’s up man

Now i used to work on Clearwater Beach.  I would take the trolley down from my house.  Always got off at pier 60 because i enjoyed the walk along the beach and i love people watching.  Now every morning or afternoon i took my walk i would encounter what seemed to be a homeless gentleman.  I would always say “What’s up man” as i walked by.  He would say the same.  A few times he would ask for spare change and if i had it i gave a buck or some coins.  One day as i was approaching him in his usual spot he said hey what’s up man?  I said the same but something told me to bless him so reached in my pocket and grabbed a 20$ bill and gave it to him and told him to get some lunch.  He expressed his gratitude and i can tell he was gracious.  Then i take my 20+ minute walk to work.  When i arrive everything looks normal.  We had beautiful handmade wooden stools on the side walk of the bar i worked and i was always nervous of them being stolen or destroyed.  My owner wanted them to stay outside though.  Now i open the bar and the garage door type windows to the outside stools.  Fifteen minutes into shift some one comes up and said when they came by all our stools were in the street or tipped on sidewalk but some nice gentleman picked them up and made them neat!  They said it was that guy over there!  I looked and it was the homeless man i had given 20 $ to earlier.  I had never seen the man away from pier or near my bar.  When i left work he was always in same spot.  Could he have known i worked there? Maybe but i don’t think so.  I blessed him and he blessed me and he didn’t even know he did!  Cool story!

Handmade stools

Life is like a box of chocolates

This story is of my sons mother.  She is an amazing lady!  She works in a nursing home.  She forms tight relationships with a lot of her patients as her heart is pure.  She would always tell stories about her patients and you can truly tell she cared.  I vividly remember going out for the day shopping with her and she loads up on boxes of chocolates.  I begged that they weren’t for our son lol.  She reminded me of a story she told me about one of her patients.  The poor lady never had any visitors and was always alone.  She explained how much the lady wanted chocolates but the facility would not allow the lady any.  Steph bought all the chocolate for this lady and would bring her some daily just to show she cared.  Steph told of the smile that would come on her face and how happy she was to see Steph.  Just another cool story of how things that are small to us can be a blessing to someone.

Give me five

Now i love dollar tree lol!  There is one right by my house.  Being a bachelor again, i am always in there for something.  One night around Christmas time a friend and i were having dinner.  I live in downtown area so we usually walk to everything.  After dinner we walked to good old dollar tree to look for decorations for my tree.  As we are looking at decorations, a little boy comes up to us (maybe 3 year old).

Me and the little boy

I give him a high five and ask were is mommy?  Now i can hear mommy screaming in aisle 6 lol.  I walk the boy over to her and she expresses her gratitude.  As we are at register about to leave, i teller to put whatever the mom has on my bill.  Turns out it was the tellers cousin and she tears up. I ask what was wrong and she said she planned on buying her cousins  items but she really couldn’t afford them.  I expressed it was my pleasure!  As we are outside the young mom comes again to thank us and we begin to talk.  Now me and the young boy are buddies as i love kids.  The mom tells us that her three kid’s father just recently died.  We all formed a bond in that dollar tree parking lot.  What a sad story but a great feeling that my friend and i could be a blessing.  My friend later before Christmas brought the young mom some extra kids clothes she had for her children. My friend is an amazing blessing as it comes natural to her!

Just think!!!

Now with all this negativity in the world, i hope my stories inspired some one to be the blessing.  I pray and hope that through this extreme time of need, people can take a step back and see someone is always worse off than we are!  Let’s all do our part and put a smile on someones face that needs it.  I have been truly blessed and makes no sense to not bless another human being.  Sometimes its just a word of encouragement.  Sometimes a hug.  Sometimes just listen.  Sometimes someone just needs to know you are there.  I believe that if we all just thought about a random person, we would have more random acts of kindness stories!  We are all amazing! And it’s time we start showing it.  This world will be so much cooler and safer for our children.

Thank you dearly,

Stay Amazing

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