Self help on youtube – a real take on some of the best!


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Self-improvement is something that is near and dear to me as it was introduced to me by one of my mentors. I have come across many people who are skeptical of the industry. My reply is always the same. If they are real, genuine and are truly out to help people than what’s the skepticism about. While I do agree there are many out there just to make money, I have composited a list my favorites that deliver self -help on youtube. I believe for you to literally help someone, you must have knowledge and or experience in a certain subject. I have followed some of these men and women for a while now and trust that they are genuine and really care. I am going to give my real take on some of the best I believe are out there.

#1 Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas or better known as ET or the Hip Hop Preacher was founded when I first started to explore self help on youtube. He is known for his guru story and the phrase, ” If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”. He is the epitome of what I feel self help is all about. He is a teacher, a preacher and an amazing motivator! I can not emphasis enough how many times I related back to one of his messages to gain knowledge or just a pick me up in motivation. Et explains his humble beginnings and how he ended up homeless. From the bottom to the top this man went from homeless to getting his PhD. He is paid thousands of dollars to speak for big corporations including the NBA and MLB and many more. To show his dedication he even speaks for free to schools and prisons. He is an amazing author, businessman, pastor and

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just an amazing human being. His messages range from relationships to just being great in life. He started a free youtube channel called TGIM (thank God it’s Monday) while at Michagan State University because he was tired on people being fired up for the weekends and having the blues come Monday morning. We all can probably relate. The message really moved me as I can probably type for days about this man. He is a true blessing to anyone that watches his videos. I put him number 1 because he is my go to any motivation or life questions I may have because of his diverse knowledge. Highly recommend checking my man ET out! Also check out his books The Secrets to Success and Greatness is upon you.

#2 Tony Robbins

Now Tony Robbins has been around for years as I can remember his infomercials (Personal Power). There aren’t many in the self-improvement industry better than Tony. He has a uniqueness about him like no other. As most self help gurus

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he came from humble beginnings as well. Being mentored by some of the best in the game in his younger years, Tony really comprehended what he learned and became a master of delivering it! Not only helping motivate people and distributing his knowledge he is also an extraordinary human being. He has helped feed millions of people. Mr. Robbins has amazing live seminars Unleash the Power Within and date with destiny to name a couple. His books Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within are amazing reads and he has many more. He covers anything from money, relationships, business and personal growth. I very high suggest doing research and following Tony as he is up there as one of the best self help on youtube gurus out there.

#3 Billy Alsbrooks  

I stumbled upon Billy on accident and have never turned back. He is a former rapper that became a born again Christian. I am a hip hop fan and God fearer so this was a no brainer for me lol! Billy delivers positive, biblical based messages for motivation. As he targets working out, his messages are way beyond that as he uses Biblical truths to motivate you. He has an awesome book entitles Blessed and Unstoppable that I purchased. It’s a 30-day guide and devotional on the laws of success. His youtube videos will move you and put you in the right mind frame. Mr Albrooks

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went through years of depression, anxiety and ptsd after he witnessed his father die in front of him. After years of struggle, he Struck and deal with God that if he cured him of his problems he would tell the world who did it! Needless to say this man has been fulfilling his promise to God. Check out this amazing speaker, motivator and man of God out on youtube as you will not be disappointed.

#4 Trent Shelton

Now Trent I fell upon by my love for good books to read. Searching for new self-improvement books in 2020 I came across his book The Greatest You. I ended up buying book and of course started following him on youtube. Trent grew up wanting to be an NFL football player. Through hard work he made his dream become a reality although short-lived. He became depressed after knowing his football career was over and miraculously started making 2 minute videos to help motivate people. His movement is now called Rehab Time.

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He is very genuine and you can feel his sincerity as he is an amazing connector. I put him on this list because of this connectivity. Check out my boy Trent Shelton as he is another self help on youtube guru.

My 4 but doesn’t mean yours

With so many amazing men and women in the self help industry, I can go on for days about the many I watch and can relate to. I just wanted to give everyone a glimpse of some of my favorites and daily go tos. I believe that if you can learn and grow by following someone that is a true blessing. I encourage everyone to share anything you learn from any of these amazing people or from anyone else you follow. They are true blessings for everyone that watches, listens or reads about, so let’s spread the blessing by spreading the word. Thank you so much for reading. Stay Amazing!

Stay safe all,


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