What do i want in life – areas to focus on

Making progress in life first starts with knowing what you want in your life. I believe success comes from that knowing and striving every day to get closer to what you want. It is like having goals in different areas of your life you set out to achieve and if you do you are successful whether anyone else agrees or not. This is our lives and it’s time we start taking control of it! And that first starts by asking yourself ” what do I want in life”. There are different areas in life to focus on. And we be need to be very specific with what it is we actually want. I will list a number of them here and look forward to feedback and comments as my list can probably be expanded and critiqued. I am no expert by far as I still have a ton of work to do to attain the things I want. This is going to be a list of the things that I want in different areas of life and let you know where I stand in each. I am a work in progress so hopefully you won’t judge lol. Life is a marathon not a sprint so let’s enjoy the journey together. Helping people is a passion of mine but it’s difficult to help when you are not there yourself. So feel free to ask questions or tell me about areas you need help in. Always stay amazing and be the blessing!

Why me

I am going to start somewhere that I rarely hear talked about when it comes to success in your life. It starts with You! If many of you are like me, we have made mistakes in life and beat ourselves up over them. I feel the more we do this the less we tend to respect and love our self. For me this always lead to self sabotage. Whether it was drinking, smoking, eating unhealthy or just being in a bad frame of mind. It tended to lead to areas of my life being affected. The best way I have found to find that self-love and respect is to better yourself. So with practice and prayer I will get back to loving myself the way I so desperately long for. In turn other aspects of my life will improve and vice versa. Next is the areas I want to improve.

Money Money Money Money

Whenever I would ask the question what do I want in life, money always came to mind. How much money do I want? When I was younger it was to get the newest sneakers. As you get older the stresses of life tend to demand you make more money. I always thought money buys happiness but I now know that is not the case anymore. What I did find is that it is needed and it can give you freedom. So the question now is what do I want in my finances? I currently am struggling in many areas of finances. here is a list of where I stand and what I want.

* Savings- Currently I have little to no savings ( I want at least 10,000 for emergency and big purchases)

*Annual income- currently my income is less that 40,000 a year (I want at least an annual income of 150,000)

*Retirement- I recently borrowed all $ from my IRA (I want to set up a new one and contribute the max possible)


Many of us take good health for granted. Our bodies are an amazing machine and it can do many things to protect us, heal us and rid us of toxins. It is hard to have a healthy mind to help others and focus on bettering ourselves if we do not treat our bodies like our temple. If we feel like crap we tend to do crappy things! Regular exercise and a good diet are essential for our bodies to function at its peak. I myself go through spirts of living a healthy lifestyle to living out of sorts. A lot of people including myself do not have patience and trust the process. So when we don’t see immediate results we tend to go back to tough to habits as it pertains to health. I have also realized it is tough to do alone and a support team or accountability group can work wonders. I write about these things to help others while at the same time it helps me because I feel I have to practice what I preach so to say. Realizing where exactly you want to be in your health and being exact in your approach is a good start. Finding a friend or relative that wants to change as well will make the process a little easier and perhaps fun! Now to where I am in health and where I want to be. I will list unhealthy habits I have and progress I have made or am making.

*Eating habits- I love veggies and I try to eat a healthy way although sometimes I must admit I am sometimes lazy or believe its too expensive to do. Starches and cheeses I love. Was never a big sweets person but when I do I really do. I like to say I don’t know why a pint of ice cream says 4sevings because when I eat it is 1 lol. ( I want to have a healthy habit of controlling my starches and sugars and eat more lean protein and veggies)

*Exercise- I tend to do a lot of exercising as I love to walk, jog and bike ride. I don’t use a lot of weights but love to use resistance bands. I’m not in terrible shape but can always so more. I usually workout alone and sometimes give myself too much leeway as many can probably relate. ( I want to be more consistent with exercises and do different routines as the body gets used to the same exercises)

*Unhealthy habits- I tend to drink more than I should which always leads to a down spiral (Poor eating, laziness, unhappiness, disappointment, etc) I was a smoker for 25+ years but kicked the habit almost 2 years ago but I must admit I have been smoking a little after this Covid 19 pandemic. ( I want and am planning on kicking both habits forever. I have educated myself more on both addictions and am confident I will rid myself of these terrible habits although they are actually addictions)


Family is something we all should cherish. Whether it is extended family or really close friends. I myself am guilty of not being as close to my family as I would like. Either we don’t keep in touch because of distancing or we are not fully present while we are with them. I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say having an amazing and close-knit family is something we all want. Although that can be possible to a certain extent it just doesn’t always work out that way. As we grow older some family we just grow apart from. It doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t care but life takes over. I lost connection with many family and friends because of my attitude that if they do not contact me, what do I care. I now realize how much I missed out on different family and friend functions and even have cousins I barely even know if at all. I so would want to be involved or up to date on everything and plan to take full responsibility.


Of course there are many areas in our life to focus on. It all comes down to what you want. Be very specific and don’t stop until you accomplish what you seek. We all have greatness in us and knowing exactly what we want and persisting to fulfill those wants, our true greatness emerges. So stay amazing and always remember to Be the Blessing!

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